Getting objects to appear in CryEngine3 objects folder.

I’ve recently began using Cryblend in order to do a project. I’ve successfully exported my object from Blender to my Objects.PAK file, but it doesn’t appear in the SDK. I created a folder named “blender” and put the object in that folder within Objects.PAK. I followed Angjminer’s basic exporting/importing tutorial, and he seems to just have a random folder named “objects” and within that a folder named “blender” where he puts an object, and it automatically appears in the SDK. What is it that I’m doing wrong?

As far as I remember it is enough to create a normal folder “Objects” in your “Game” folder besides the pak files. And in that folder you create your custom folder “myfirstblenderstuff”. No need to put it in the pak. At least here it works.

I’ve tried creating a folder in the Game folder and placing my objects there, but they still don’t show up in the SDK.

Is the folder in the “Game” folder named “Objects”? You can put your .cfg in that or better create subfolders. Then in the Editor they should show up in the “geom entity”.