Getting Property Values?

Hi all,

I’ve just recently started learning blender, and right now wanted to create a mini bowling game just for practice, but I’m having difficulties right now on getting property values.

I created “power” property under the powergauge object, this value rise to 100 and fall 0 (ping-pong, until space bar is pressed), and copied that property onto the ball object as “ballpower”, and I’m really having a hard time getting the integer value from that property in python. I’ll use that value later for trigger the force. The Question is how to get that value, cause I’ve tried get the Property Actuator (the one that copied the property from the gauge), and when I used getProperty it returns “BallPower” (as string), and when I used getValue it returns “power”, either why I can’t get the precise amount based on time…

Any Suggestion or Help are really much appreciated, thanks!