Getting rid of intersecting triangles

Hi all.

I’m trying to refine a model that has several intersecting triangles, as shown in the attached screenshot.

I’m trying to change the object into a manifold mesh, but it seems it will take too much time to do it by hand.

Can anyone post opinions on how to make this work as automated as possible? Could Blender compute visible parts of the trianges and remesh the object?


sorry i dont understand what it is your trying to do from the screen shot,maybe someone else can or you could describe a bit more what you need to achive.

Did you notice the intersecting triangles in the object (the selected triangles intersect others)? I’m trying to change the model into a continuous mesh, with no intersecting triangles, while keeping the object geometry as close to the original as possible.

That way, Blender will be able to fix normals, decimate, etc.

It should be possible for a computer to compute intersections, add new vertices, split faces, etc. (in an all-automatic way) to achieve this, but I can’t find good Blender commands do help me in the task. I don’t expect Blender to do it all, but I can’t afford to select all problematic faces and manually fix them.

Try Booleans link> (note doesnt always give good results so may be best to join them manually to control what happens better)

I don’t think there is a tool for doing that… not even in Maya or XSI.
The most automatic way to do it is to select the offending vertices and smooth them once or twice. - Of course that will change your geometry somewhat and you have to manually find the problem areas, but I don’t think an automatic way exists.
Even Pixar fixes their intersecting poly problems by having low-level animators go through the scenes looking for problems and manually fixing them.

Someday 3d programs might properly treat objects as if they had some volume, but for now it’s all just tricks.