Getting rid of "pulseadio" + Best Linux distro for blender

Hello, in another thread

eye208 wrote:

…The reason why you experience lag is because you are using either Ubuntu or Fedora (aka. “Linux for Idiots”) or some derivative. These distros force you to participate in a big beta test of a new sound daemon called “PulseAudio”. It sits on top of ALSA and causes all kinds of issues: delay, choppy playback, crackles, memory leaks, high CPU load, crashes. This is what newbies experience as “audio on Linux”. But that’s BS. Install Debian and you’ll see how Linux audio works when PulseAudio is absent. You can also remove PulseAudio from a default Ubuntu install if you like. All you need to do is enter these two commands:

[LEFT]sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-alsa gnome-alsamixersudo apt-get purge pulseaudio gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio vlc-plugin-pulse[/LEFT]

But please don’t blame Linux for the idiocy of its distro maintainers. You don’t know what you are missing.

That is very interesting, I admit that while evrything runs perfectly in ubuntu 9.04 I do have some problems with the sound codecs in composition, while they are not present in windows xp (when it doesnt crash). I do prefer to work with ubuntu its faster and more stable.

Eye208 sugest in his post not using ubuntu for blender, I once tried “ubuntustudio” and unfortunately it was very unstable.
Would someone else care to elaborate more on this subject? I am willing to change if I get a better codec implementation.


i agree…
pulseaudio brings a lot of extensibility to audio on Linux, but the average person doesn’t want to deal with a broken system just for these “extra” features…

if ubuntu works for you, just uninstall pulseaudio… there are a lot of guides online.
ubuntu is not necessarily a “distribution for idiots”… i used ubuntu and fedora after using other “advanced” distributions just because i don’t have time to configure every little thing before i’m able to use my OS…

I used eye208 advice, I got rid of pulseaudio, and now I can use the sequencer with no problem.


I am keeping Ubuntu though