Getting started...

Hello, i’m p99. I’m not new to computers I’ve been in the hacking security scene for over a year. Interested in securoty, linux, etc.

Recently I’ve taken a likeing to art, as a hobby, and I started learning some of Blender.

I know how to extrude, subsurf, and how to put a texture picture on an object(barely).

Here is some of my work:

So I’m wondering what I need to do to actually learn the concepts involved in 3d art. I’ve watched various tutorials and know how to do some things.

But just like programming takes logic I assume Art does as well.
So can you guys give me a few pointers on how to learn concepts and maybe give me a small project?

the link to the first should be
and the second link should be

Most browsers support copy and paste, you know…

Other than that, i think you are off on a good start. Just keep making stuff.

We could give you projects, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you could come up with your own projects? stuff that you are interested in? (ie some are obsessed with sci-fi, some with landscape, some with character animation, some with game creation, and some with just fluids :D)

If you would search on the forum, such a question is asked like each week. I don’t want to sound harsh but actually it would be a very good way to see, what other people did and what kind of response they got.

There obviously is the Blenderwiki which is always a good choice to look through and discover new things. But I’d also suggest not to stick to Blender specific tutorials / articles since most the stuff can be done very well in Blender, too.
And as suggested above, making stuff is the right way to go. Try to challenge yourself and choose projects which are not too easy and focus on improving certain aspects of your knowledges step by step (so, don’t start to a project to learn EVERYTHING in one shot :wink: ).

But other than that, there’s nothing we can really suggest you - everyone leanrs in a different way, the only important thing is to work hard and have patience - then success will surely come with time.

Oh and btw…that Maple directory isn’t the mathematical software, right :smiley:
I thought you might have some nice codes there but then…:smiley:

Oh that is strange. I edited my post because those links were wrong. Apparently they stayed wrong:confused:

Yeah I guess i’ll just keep doing stuff. I can never think of anything. That is why I have like 4 chess peices.

Yeah. I only play two games. Maplestory and Counterstrike. Odd mix eh? I play 6 days a month max(I use windows every 2 weeks for 3 days).

Thanks for the help though guys.

Here’s a possibility: an Online Blender Class offered through Tufts University. There are a bunch of short tutorials, and there are four “assignments” or project suggestions with some samples of other students’ work.

The video tutorials are short and focus on a single subject, and the projects are well designed to require increasing blender skills.

Might be just what you’re looking for.