Getting the publisher

(TickityTock) #1

Is there any possible way to buy the blender publisher at this point. There has to be someone I could mail aletter to or email who has the authority to sell me the publisher. I am about to work on my first independant film next year, and I’d also like to make a game. The only other camparable software to blender is 3d studio max or maya both multi thousand dollar products this literally brings tears to my eyes as Im writing this Im choking. So once again is there any possible way to purchase the current publisher

(joecool) #2

yeah, e-mail me and I’ll tell you how I did it…
anyway, unless someone is willing to sell you there license, I don’t think so. But you don’t need publisher to make a game, or a film. There isn’t very many features that publisher has that aren’t in the creator version.

(wavk) #3

You can’t buy a license from someone else. The license is for one person only and not to be resold. Lightwave licenses can be resold though… Not that that’s any help to you, sorry…

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(dmoc) #4

@wavk - with respect, your wrong. This surprised me but I checked the licence and it is transferable. Not often you see that these days.