Getting the scale just right..

Hello All. I’m trying to model my house… inside and out. The problem is, though, is that I’d rather use exact messurements when creating the individual parts rather than blender units. Is there anyway to convert blender units into inches, cm, mm… anything?

I’m sure there’s a forumla… somewhere!

Thank you,


Unfortunatley, there isn’t. You could however choose to use each Blender unit as a metre for example, then when extruding or moving you could type in the distance, eg. 1.25 for 1 metre and 25 cm.
The reason Blender uses its own units is so they can be whatever you want.

Ah, I understand now… I’ve begun modeling my desk and monitor with the 1 BUnit equaling 1 foot. thanks

One method I used as an alternative was to model a cylinder. Export it as a 3ds and then see what export scale (where you set the scale as you import it) was the right one for the cylinder to equal a meter vs a known height object (a 1.5 meter human). Then note the number and always use that to import it and scale up my models to be the right scale vs the cylinder.