Getting these weird wrinkles when modeling...

Hey ive been having this problem for a while now,

Right now im modeling this baseball bat and im preatty much all done…

but the thing is is that when i try to make the dome shape at the end of the bat i get all these wrinkles in the mesh

the wrinkles seem to form when i hit f to fill the hole

and since i dont want a little hole in the end of my baseball bat, i was wondering if anyone could help me out…thanks

the same thing happend when i was moddeling the end of the handle too

Only use triangles with the subsurf modifier if they are on a planar surface. For curved faces just use quad faces, preferably evenly sized and close to a square shape with a topology that follows the surface shape of the object

Try closing the hole similar to this:

Ok sorry i feel like a total noob asking this but ummm is there a specific way you got your mesh like that, cuz i just kinda manualy did this with extrusions and scaling and ended up with a kinda…bad result


Try this :

  • In Edit Mode, go into Edge selection mode
    (or press CTRL+TAB -> Edge)

Then select the edges i marked in red :

Press X then Dissolve

In the Operator tab (bottom of the toolshelf) or press F6 to make the Operator popup , enable “Dissolve Verts”

Then go into Vertice selection mode and select those 2 vertices :
Press J to join them into an edge (so you get rid of the ngon)

Do the same in the other side of that part of the model