getting ugly - the fiat multipla

After half-finishing to many car models, I decided to go with something a little more original, something no one in history has ever modeled!! why? Cause it’s ugly.
Here’s where I’m at right now, I’m hoping this thread will be updated regularly :wink:

(I got blueprints from


Ugly or not it looks like a good start!

nice start so far! Don’t think I have seen this car before… got an image of it in real life. Oh and the link is broken… look at the location and you will see why. Good luck!

Looks like a good start :slight_smile: Wasn’t that car selected to the world ugliest car or something like that for about 5 years ago?

thanks spacestrudel and dudebot!

Wasn’t that car selected to the world ugliest car or something like that for about 5 years ago?
I never heard of it, but sounds likely. EDIT: ( wikipedia: )This ultimately led to the car being voted ‘Ugliest Car’ in the Top Gear awards 1999

–fixed the blueprints link–

darn, that lump is hard


Yea that does look ugly… not the model but the car itself :D. The model is looking good…well… accurate! :slight_smile: Keep it up man!

Well, I don’t find the model awfull to watch.
Same counts for the real model.
Most people say: it’ s ugly, and I agree to people saying; it’s different, but ugly… nah.
Ugly are dictators.

at first i couldn’t recognise it, when finshed they look quite a lot like a smart car, really ugly lol but good work:)

I wish…it’s actually got a lot of guess work, since the blueprints never line up nicely.

got an update for y’all:


those rear lights are hard! I think I’ll redo them…:spin:


Heh. Anybody who voted that the world’s ugliest car hasn’t seen a 70s AMC Pacer or Matador.

Model’s looking good.

Looking good Bone! This is going along very quickly. Great work!

Looks nice to me.

Man I hate the Fiat multipla!
Modeling is looking good though.

redid the back light…as a separate object, with retopo (never thought of that before, it works great!). compare it to my last update…


nother update


Looking really good! Ugly but good! Great modeling job!

it looks great!

just messin…I love lattices :smiley: