Geyser-like effect

Question, I’ve been wanting to know how to do something like a geyser for quite some time, and I can’t find any tutorials about it anywhere. There a way to pull it off?

Sure can, with a particle system. That being said, there’s a lot of different aspects of a “geyser” that you can find individual tutorials for. For example, if you just want particles to move upwards from an emitter, you can use a Wind force field and do that pretty easily, but it’s not going to look like water. I would say there’s the following parts worth researching:

  • particle emission starting and stopping
  • making particles look like fluid
  • adding force to particles
  • adding foam and splash

You should be able to find information about all of these on YouTube. I would recommend looking up “blender waterfall” tutorials, as a waterfall is essentially a geyser but backwards. If you don’t find anything helpful, let me know and I’ll record a tutorial for you. Good luck!