GH House - Hybrid approach with Eevee, Cycles AO, BI

Hi to all,

In recent weeks I have been experimenting a lot with blender 2.80 build from 1.8.2017,
I aimed on a model that was a part of a Ronen Bekerman challange back in 2009-2010.

The project was an experiment, to compare pros and cons of Eevee vs. Cycles vs. Unreal Engine
and bring out the most of Eevee, Cycles, BI and to try new and more effective workflows,
post production was done with Blender + PHSP

“render time” in 4K from opening the file, tree render passes Eevee, Cycles AO, BI for masks
and final image composited on hard drive about 10 min on GTX 1080 and i7-4820K

attached image is down scaled to 2K

I hope you will like it




Printscreen, that it is really Eevee

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10 minute render time???

My laptop would probably go nuclear with something like this.

Excellent work!!!

It would take a million years to render in my laptop

One noob question… what is Eevee? And how did Eevee influence this image?

Interesting design of building and render is good too, i like it.

I really like that building design as well.