Ghost church

Hi, here is my latest work in Blender, totally inspired by an abandonned church in The Czech Republic. I’m still fascinated by creepy stuffs. All done in Blender 2.8.


Nice!.. Creepy indeed! Love it! Render from some more angles please! One straight down isle, Kubrick style… one from above…

Thank you Norka !!

Here are some new renders as requested, hope you’ll like them .

and the same without color correction :


wow that’s cool

Thank you for your support. :smiley:

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Not only does that look great, my first thought was “ooh! I wanna see that movie. I wonder what happens.”

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Thank you, I really appreciate. And this place exists for real, with those kind of creepy statues. I was totally fascinated, when I saw the picture. I would to ses what happens too :smile::smile:.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Wow, thank you very much Bart !!!

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I really like that atmosphere :+1:
It is indeed really creepy =)

Thank you, _jb4x, I appreciate. That was my purpose so I’m happy if people feel this !!!

Super awesome!, love the idea and the ‘creepynes’

Thank you Kendarr. Glad you like it :grin:

Bravo! The Supernatural fan in me is like: open_mouth: :heart_eyes: :ghost:
Thank you for this work!

Wau this rendering is phenomenal

And thank you for your words. Because I’m a huge fan of Supernatural and creepy stuffs too :smile:.

Wow thank you for that :smiley:.

It looks really good, love the creepy vibe it gives off. My only critique and that’s mainly as a environment artist. The floor has some very clear tiling going on.

Hey DarkBladeNemo, thanks for your criticism :blush:. Maybe you’re right… I like them like this, but I’m sure there would be à way to make them better like you’re suggesting :wink:.

Wow, really great picture. The only thing that bothers me is that all the fabrics on the heads have the same folds.