Ghost face help

On my chopper model I have a strange Face remade from earlier deleted verts. I remade it, but after recalculating normals (CTRL N) I find that when isolated it shows a strange black ghost outside the selected edges!
This is causing the face to show up as a black triangle on renders as it splits the new face. I can’t change it back to a standard face. I have deleted duplicated verts too.


What happens if you select the face individually in Edit Mode
and flip its normal only via W key >> Flip Normals?

Yes I tried that too. It seems to be some sort of extra face that remains even when you delete the original. You can select through it as if it isn’t even there. It is solid and occupys the same space as the original but I can select it to remove it! ARRRRG, it very frustrating.

Can you post a .blend?

Whoa, just went back to it and in object mode hit delete to see if it was related to the object mesh. Well it vanished all by itself!

Cool, don’t you love those? :slight_smile:

Will we be able to see a pic?

Infact I think I deleted the material that was attached to the model (I’m not sure how must have had that window open) but now I have to re apply all the decals and bump maps. Problem is they are not appearing where they should. Even with guide emptys as targets!

How’s it comming?

Went well got all the decals and textures back. I dumped the original Material as it seemed to be corruptred. It went much quicker the next time around as I allready had all the emptys located correctly. I still don’t know where that false face came from.

I have finally parented it all up and will start animating it now.