ghost running shorts

Hi there,
I used to understand Blender alot more than I do now. 2 years away from it and I forget how to do most things.
I made a guy running and modeled some shorts (cloth physics and made sure there the collision didn’t allow poke through) for the runner, made the shorts a child of the runner and it worked well.
Now, I would like to have that same model sitting, but wearing the same shorts as it was when it was running. So I opened the old file and deleted all the keyframes for the rig as it was running and made it in a seated position.
The problem is the shorts are still running! How do I stop this?

If you have baked the simulations of the cloth, you will have to free the bake (Theres a button to free bakes in the cloth physics tab).

I’m not sure what shape the mesh of the shorts will rest as when you clear the bake, you may have to edit the mesh to fit the character properly again :slight_smile:

Yup. 2 years away and I forgot about baking.
Thanks Jamie!

haha lol :slight_smile: No problem mate.

Glad i could help :smiley: