For the last few weeks me and my husband are investing time into producing an Android phone game. So far I’ve programmed in some basic functions such as drawing both 2D/3D objects,touch screen controls and even audio. I’ve came to the point in which now I need to replace our debug models with some real models.

I’ve created a quick low poly Character and painfully learnt some basic rigging.
The other night I started animation and something I can seem to find is a ghost function so that I can see the last few keyframes.

I’m using blender 2.8 as I find it amazing compared to the old version.
How do I enable ghosting with good controls ?, by this for example I may want to see say 16 frames forward and backwards while working in between?.

Please advise.
Thank you.

Christine Haylett.

I forgotten to add that that I’ve tried the ghosting option in the object data but it does nothing.

Just noticed that my blender 2.8 was from a January build, when I update it to a later build the ghost option is gone and motion paths has took its place but it is not really the same thing ?.

Is ghosting gone in 2.8.