I saw this picture, then I got the idea of doing something inspired on it.

It steel is a work in progress.

Scene : Apparition in Hallway at night (full moon)
I tried to give a painted wood look to the doors and windows, but it feels like something is missing. I’m open to suggestions.


Well, I’m not scared cause I can’t see what’s in the hallway I can only be scared of what I can see half see or perceive. Maybe a point light with low power to light the ghost from my right hand side from behind, it shouldn’t be to far from the models left face. It’s just a thought though I haven’t tried it but I think the ghost should be a little more visible or scary.:ghost:

I see, about the light the idea was to give the effect of moon light. The ghost was made to replicate the idea of a kid wearing a costume. But the twist there is no kid is just a ghost lifting a hold rag.