Giant wooden stick hitting a skyscraper

Hi all

I just finished a short promotional video for the Swiss Kubb Open. “Kubb” ist a swedish game that involves throwing a wooden stick to shoot down wooden cubes. In this video I super-sized the human player by 200 times, and the wooden stick does hit a skyscraper instead… The solution was to use a mix of live action footage and cycles renderings. It was challenging, but also a lot of fun to learn about the greenscreen techniques and to play with blenders rigid body physics and smoke engine!

Critique in general, or specifically on how a better live action integration could have been achieved are very welcome!

How long did it take to produce?

Having done all the filming, modeling, rendering, compositioning and cutting myself, I’d say about 200 hours in total - but to be honest, that’s just a guess. As I work full time in an (mostly) unrelated field, and the project was pieced together in those spare hours before/after work, it’s easy to loose track :slight_smile:

I liked it.

the stick looks a bit cg in the final shot, but other than that you’ve done a great job. if you have no objections i’ll be featuring it on the home page of my website this week :slight_smile:

Cool concept. Well done too!

first, thank you all for the positive feedback!

I’d be honoured if you do!

For those who are interested, I made a quick cgi-breakdown video of the greenscreen composition process used to create the second scene:

And another one about the third scene (shadow on rooftop)

I was lucky to finally catch a day where sunshine alternated with cloudy skys for about every 30 minutes. So it was all about catching the two shots and compositiong them together using an animated mask created using the reconstructed roof architecture created in blender.

Ahh, I finally realised what you meant concerning the stick looking a bit fake in the final shot! The shadow is missing!!! Stupid me, that was actually me forgetting to unhide the building layer that should have cast the shadow in the final render! :spin:

But you know how it is, after some time after watching the same renders again and again, you start to miss even the really obvious things… :eyebrowlift2:

By the way, here is the complete making-of/behind-the-scenes/breakdown video:

yes a shadow from the environment would have nailed the shot, at least now you’ve spotted it ,you’ll never forget another shadow in future! :slight_smile:

This is super awesome! everything goes well with the song and the realism is a 5 star!
Brilliant work, I look forward to more! Keep it up!