Gibson Guitar

Here is my latest quick project, thinking of using it in the Blender Guru competition.


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Hey Kernal

The bridge, tail piece and Pickups look really nice. I would have left a small gap around the pickup covers and surround though. My main crit would be that the classic single cutaway Les Paul has a carved top. Yours is completely flat. The Les Paul junior does have a flat top, but these tends to have a single P90, rather than two humbuckers, as well as a combination bridge/tail piece.

This looks nice. kettlefish seems to know Gibsons, so his advice on the shape and layout is probably correct. Try giving your materials a bit more texture (subtle, not blatant) and warming up the lighting a bit. I think you’ll get a nicer render.

Thanks guys, I don’t know beans about guitars really, so I will make those adjustments. As for the materials, yeah they could definitely use some tweaking.

I have added a slightly bumpy surface to simulate paint, ignore the guitar strings, they are only partly done.

Hi Kernal

If any of my guitars had that kind of paint finish, I’d take it back!

Guitar finishes, nitro or poly should be like glass. Even oil should feel like glass, although not a reflective obviously.