Gibtendo NES Paul

(Wig42) #1

I present to you my Gibtendo NES Paul guitar

(ILunde) #2

it’s stupid. i love it :heart_eyes:

(Wig42) #3

LOL thanks

(sundialsvc4) #4

Absolute fun … and, a throwback to actual music history!


The late, great Bo Diddley did make guitars from cigar boxes and other pieces of found wood, quite probably because he could not afford to buy a guitar at the beginning of his career – he grew up dirt-poor. He became quite the luthier (professional guitar maker), and verified original pieces made by him properly command a king’s ransom at auction today. I was privileged to see him perform, of course playing one of his boxy creations. It sounded great.


How many magic mushrooms you ate to get this awesome idea ?

Love it !!!

(Wig42) #7

Thanks mate, interesting article about Bo Didldley as well.

(Wig42) #8

LOL. Kilon it’s not my idea mate, I wish it was. I saw a real one on a friends facebook page and thought, “That would make a great 3D model”