Gift of Nature - Animated Short Film

absolutely fantastic! Beautiful scenery, great story! I love it!

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Thanks a lot!

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This short is great! I do believe you should get your Masters in Art with Honors! I look forward in seeing your future works which I’m sure will be fantastic also. Good luck to you!

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I love it. Keep it up.


Wow thank you! Somehow this means a lot to me :slight_smile:

I will, thanks :slight_smile:

Jerzy, from an unrelated conversation many months ago…

See? With this project, you proved me right! :laughing: Nice work! :+1:

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It’s awesome ! Excellent work !

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Whoa, how do you remember things like that?

Wow, the lighting is superbe and really sells the mood. The characters are so nice, and the movement is so fitting. I like how the head of the small mushrooms pushes the plants away. The plants, the little moss is so sweet in that light! Congrats on your master!

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Thank you. It’s nice to see someone noticing little details that took hours if not days to create :slight_smile:

Glorious! Really, really fine work - you can tell it was a labour of love.

I’m just starting Blender but this kind of thing is exactly what I want to be creating.

Graswald is awesome, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it put to a proper video - like you say, render times are pretty long.

Thanks for creating!

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I like it!

If to be critical then I think camera work could be done better, but animating and smooth camera on not too good of hardware is something that’s one of the trickiest things to do for sure… Also fun to think how much blender has evolved in the last 1-2 years… It’s like a different software… :smiley: and it’s not too far that face tracking with a smartphone is a regular way to animate a face… like the latest Unreal Engine demos have showed…

But great work, and a superb reminder, how much time a “simple” project can and most likely will take, especially when working alone and with zero budget :wink:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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1-2 years ago creating such a film wouldn’t be possible for me. Render time alone would be several times longer and shading and lighting were much more difficult. The rapid software and hardware progression is something that scares me a bit. Maybe in a few years, AI will be able to generate a complete render like this in several minutes, instantly retopo, rig, and maybe even animate characters. By then no one would be impressed at seeing today’s CGI.

well worries like that reach back to when people invented newspapers, that then noone communicates with their families and the world will end because of it :smiley: With every new development comes new jobs and challanges :wink:

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Really nice work…


Very Very happy to see such fantastic works using blender, and that I’m also familiar with at least the interface of this wonderful tool…
Thanks Blender team…

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lol wut . -

Wonderful piece! That opening shot is a joy to watch. I’ll also second the above poster when saying I thought the mouth animation and matching was excellent. Well done.

I’d love to know how to added the godrays in the compositor and controlled them. Any chance you could show a screenshot of the node set up?

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001A_comp.blend (169.4 KB)

You probably can get more information from the blend file. However I won’t upload the needed to preview EXR.

The godrays are in the “fake volume” group.
The camera animation is attached from an animation file to gets it’s Z rotation and used by nodes via driver. Godrays relay mostly on the Mist Pass and to make this setup work the Mist Pass must be set to linear in the rendering file.

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Thanks man. Wonderful stuff.

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