Gift of Nature - Animated Short Film

I proudly present you my short animated film Gift of Nature:

I’ve been working on this film for 1.5 years in total including creating the script, but the 95% of it was made in the last 6 months. I’ve finished it just roughtly 2 weeks ago.

This project was made as an art diploma and now I can officially call myself a Master of Arts

I’ve been using plants models from the GRASWALD addon.
Everything else was made by me :slight_smile: (characters, animation, lighting, rendering, etc)

Everything about this film (except for logo, sounds and editing), was made using blender (I found VSE too slow and buggy to work with)

The most difficult part was rendering as I had ZERO budget for a renderfarm and it took me around 1.5 months of computing time. Several shots were rendered multiple times. I was rendering with RTX 2060 (Optix) and it took on average 10 minutes to render one frame. You can still see some flickering in the video which is caused by denoising with low samples number. I wouldn’t be able to increase the render time even more.

All the mist and godrays were created in the compositor editor as rendering volumetrics would make the render time 5 times longer. I’ve discovered this way, that with fake godrays i had more artistic control over it. The tricky part was to make it work in the first shot where camera flies between trees.

below you can see some screenshots:


This is fantastic! Congratulations :+1:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Really amazing work, congratulations.
Really cute and impressive characters and nice landscape.
I’m really impressed with the lip-syncing of the older shroom. It’s magnificent and really accurate. What methods did you use to accomplish this?
In 2.79 I’ve used Rigify and Papagayo together with Preston-Blair-style phonemes and imported the MOHO .dat-file into Blender. Quite tricky but I got the work done on that project. Importing that scene in Blender 2.83.4 works but I can’t find the Papagayo MOHO .dat-file importer for Blender 2.8x

I would really like to hear how you went about.

Very best regards,
Jonas, Stockholm, Sweden

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Ive just imported sound files to the scene and manulally put keyframes to match the sounds. Maybe there are better ways to do this but I dont know any.

EDIT: this a reply to a post that’s no longer here. IDK whats going on

Thanks for the quick reply. (The bot spam-filtered my post, but hopefully it will come back when reviewed.)

I understand - totally manual work then, even more impressive! :smiley:
Yes, handling long sections of speaking characters, one could really use a good tool. There’s another add-on calld Rhubarb, haven’t tried it but it seems quite similar to the technique I used in my project. And that is available for Blender 2.8x too.

Very best regards,

absolutely fantastic! Beautiful scenery, great story! I love it!

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Thanks a lot!

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This short is great! I do believe you should get your Masters in Art with Honors! I look forward in seeing your future works which I’m sure will be fantastic also. Good luck to you!

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I love it. Keep it up.


Wow thank you! Somehow this means a lot to me :slight_smile:

I will, thanks :slight_smile:

Jerzy, from an unrelated conversation many months ago…

See? With this project, you proved me right! :laughing: Nice work! :+1:

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It’s awesome ! Excellent work !

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Whoa, how do you remember things like that?

Wow, the lighting is superbe and really sells the mood. The characters are so nice, and the movement is so fitting. I like how the head of the small mushrooms pushes the plants away. The plants, the little moss is so sweet in that light! Congrats on your master!

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Thank you. It’s nice to see someone noticing little details that took hours if not days to create :slight_smile:

Glorious! Really, really fine work - you can tell it was a labour of love.

I’m just starting Blender but this kind of thing is exactly what I want to be creating.

Graswald is awesome, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it put to a proper video - like you say, render times are pretty long.

Thanks for creating!

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I like it!

If to be critical then I think camera work could be done better, but animating and smooth camera on not too good of hardware is something that’s one of the trickiest things to do for sure… Also fun to think how much blender has evolved in the last 1-2 years… It’s like a different software… :smiley: and it’s not too far that face tracking with a smartphone is a regular way to animate a face… like the latest Unreal Engine demos have showed…

But great work, and a superb reminder, how much time a “simple” project can and most likely will take, especially when working alone and with zero budget :wink:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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