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Hey guys
So I wanted to do some nature scenes, and while I really love the grass essentials, I’m just not able to afford it, so I started making my own assets. My plan is to create some grass and weeds and maybe rocks, kind of like my own grass essentials. The idea is to turn it into an add on (a friend of mine can probably code it) and to have a similar pack to the grass essentials, grass free and whatever there is. I’m relatively new to blender, but I really want this to get as good as possible, so if there are things where I coud improve, just tell me (that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy about positive stuff, too :P)! I can show you my materials and wireframe renders and stuff if you need, just tell me :smiley:

So far, I have dandelions and prickly lettuce finished, if there’s nothung to improve, I will start with other plants, too, but I’m not 100% happy with the dandelions…



Prickly Lettuce


High Res:


Looks really fabulous. Textures and modeling look spot on.

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Hi. It looks really good!
Just in case you do not know this, about grass and weeds:

Sorry, you had mentioned above Grass free.

I have the Grass Essentials and I would say yours looks very close.

Yeah, I know about grass free, and while it works fine in big scenes, it doesn’t look nice in closeup situations, so I’d like to do my own ones :wink: Personally, my goal is not to come as close to the grass essentials, but rather make it as realistic as possible, which means as close as how it is in RL. Oh and thanks for your comments :slight_smile:️ Btw. what would you think would be better, having the yellow/whiteheads as a seperated object or as part of the plant as I currently have? I’m not sure as both have some advantages and disadvantages…

Sweet. It looks really realistic to me.

Finished another one. I decided, that it might be best to have flower and plant seperated. Do you think 10 model variants for the plant and 8 for the flower is enough? Any other things I should improve?

Autumn Hawkbit

High Res:


Looks really promising!
Are you using photogrammetry?

Nope, everything modelled by hand, textures shot by myself :wink: And thanks, glad you like it :smiley:

Oh, btw. I’ve done a small render with the Autumn Hawkbits, just to see how far I can get, and I must say, I’m quite happy with the result :stuck_out_tongue:

As always, constructive criticism is very much appreciated :smiley: Hope you like it!


Look forward to see more , Excellent work so far :eyebrowlift:

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Thanks to Benny I was able to improve my variation system a lot! Now, there are variations between leafs and between different stems of the leafs. Just to show you what I’m talking about, here are two examples. One model, all variations come from the material.

Yes , this looks way better with the variation for the leafs /stem , maybe at the bottem a few dead leafs .

For the flower stem ( a small gradient ) the same like with the leafs :eyebrowlift:

Look forward to the next update :eyebrowlift:

Looks excellent!

Finally got nice stems, too :wink: Hope ya guys like it :smiley:


Yes , the stem looks way better with this color , from the bottem to the top , maybe make the stem at the top a little bit ticker , just a little bit , if this is not to many work :eyebrowlift:

I tried it with the grass essential’s freebie (Bahaiagrass) and I already really like it… What do you think?

Btw. I forgot to disable the subsurf modifier on the leafs, which make them look a bit weird :stuck_out_tongue: They look better in lowpoly form :wink:

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Started to work on the broadleaf plantain, the following render only has one model variant included, and I cranked up the wetness value, just to give it more reflections :wink:

What do you think?

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This looks stellar! So you’re new to Blender, eh? How much are you going to sell it for? BTW, I can do a decent amount of python coding…if you need any help or advice, just ping me :slight_smile:

I don’t want to go over 50$ I think, and I’m planning to donate 10% of it to the blender foundation, as they’re doing an awesome job! I’m not 100% “new” to blender, I used it for modding for some years now (, but I started looking for “real” cg stuff at the begining of september. Oh, and that python thing sounds great, I will eventually come back to that later, thanks :smiley:

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