Graswald - News and Work in Progress

Finally finished one version of the plantain:

(Rendered with 128 samples and subsurf)

Btw, can anyone tell me, if those details are on the original plant (and how andrew’s team did that) or if Gleb added them later on?

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Worked a bit more on the plantain. Got the divergency angels correct and prepared a small render to show you the differences between with subsurf and without:

By the way, this is one of the ground materials which will be featured on the pack as well.

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image gif. i think it is beauty

Yukon! what are you doing here? :smiley: it’s been so long! and those plants look fabulous!

Hey Bill, so nice to meet you again :smiley: Btw. are u still on skype? You didn’t answer me :stuck_out_tongue:

So I started to do some moss testing and it looks ood imo, but it has to be placed very dense, otherwise it looks weird as you can see:

I was also trying to make some procedural rocks, but I can’t get close to a realistic mesh and material.
If I would have the possibilities within cycles microdisp, that I have for the disp modifiers (texturewise) I might be able to do so, but with the limited procedural textures in cycles, I have no idea how to get them right… Any ideas? I want to make them as procedural as possible, at least modelwise…

yeah, i havent touch Skype since forever, i’m sorry. but this looks so good, i would totally get this once you release it :smiley:

Another test, with different rocks and another moss species:

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These look amazing, any chance we can get a DL for these assets? :smiley:

I will defenitely sell them for an affordable price once I’m done, I’m also doing it to get some money, so my mom won’t force me to do “real” work :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, here’s the same scene but with some maple leafs:

Hope you all like it :smiley:


Started on doing some more procedural rock materials for small boulders or similar objects. Everything customizeable:

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So here are the leaves. Currently featuring two particle systems, one with maple and one with oak leaves :smiley:

With modifiers

Without modifiers

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This scene was created with the newest version of the rock material. It consists only of 2 different materials, 2 ground planes and 2 rock models:

Feel free to leave some critics, as I’m not 100% sure about it :wink:

Some finalizing of the material and models and also creating the particle systems. As you can see I’m trying to make it fit with the grass essentials, so people who already bought it have even more possible variations :smiley:

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So finally got a grass prototype started. The species is supposed to be Lolium perenne. I’m not 100% sure so criticism is very much appreciated :wink:

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Looks good , for me :eyebrowlift2:

All of this looks really great! :slight_smile:

However, there’s one thing that seems to always be missing in CG when creating these types of natural things…death. Everything is usually so healthy and green, but this is often not the case in the real world. It’s a constant war and struggle in nature with everything fighting/defending for its place under the Sun.

If you can make variations that have the plant in several stages of health issues it would make this stellar. Most CG artists seem to not want to deal with this for some reason. But I think it’s vital to show a history, current condition, and future potential because this is what’s there in the real world. For plants, it would be small holes from bugs, spots on leaves from infections, broken stems and torn leaves along pathways from being walk on by humans or animals, weed- or grass-killer sprayed, heatwave, etc. etc. Even if in reality the conditions are perfect for the plant, they still go through a period where they die off during the Fall/Winter season.

Of course, put these in different groups so you can control which health issue to use and the degree of health issues, and also the distribution within a scene (via particle systems and weight-painting). This would add greatly to the story-telling aspect of a scene.

Will you be the one to consider these things for your asset pack, or will someone else do it later? I hope you choose to be the one.

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I am planning to have 4 different partikelsystems for each grass species, one with tufts, one with dry/dead leaves, one normal, wild one and one cut. I for sure will be able to add broken stems and stuff, I’m not sure of the holes, because my original plans were to not include alpha transparency, but I might change that, small holes won’t probably make a huge difference :wink: I will also add a material slider possibility, where you can change the season, I already have a working prototype for that! But of course, if you have any other ideas, feel free to tell me :smiley:

look realistic, great work!

I have to say that I am really proud of this, and it took me quite a while to figure it out, but here they are: Realistic Rocks!

Although they may seem to be photoscanned, this single rock is done with a mix of procedural and manuall workflow. It works very nicely and fast and allows you to create every kind of rock that you could think of!


Great work you have put into this, and the results are magnificent!
I would also consider, just like sliced3d said, making something different such as: vivid gras — dark green grass — yellow grass — frozen brown/yellow/dark green grass and plants. From crazy summer landscape to frozen dragons lairs; it would mean a lot to us to have more choices to work with. Also it would change the game for your marketing strategy and revenue hopes.
Keep up the super great work you do; I love it a lot!

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