Gigapixel v5.0.0 Released!

Just thought i would let everyone know about this software incase you are unaware of it… yes its quite expensive but its the best upscaler out there definitely better than the open source ones . it has something like a month free trial. I use it practically on every single render. I run it through the upscale and then down sample it in my image editor of choice back to the original size and the result is a way of sharpening the image but also getting rid of any small amount of noise left in the render whilst also improving level of detail. You dont have to downszie your image of course, but if you leave it upscaled some people will notice its an upscale as its not perfect.

Major features

  • New previewing mode: Single Image View
  • New zoom features: zoom to fit, a zoom slider, text field input, and scroll wheel to zoom
  • Updated AI models
  • “Image Type” selection on the right panel: choose between two different AI models, one for natural images (portraits, nature) and man-made images (cityscapes, typography)
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