Giga's Valentine [New lighting added 06.02.04]

I am working on a piece for a Valentine’s Day format for my blog. The piece features Jay-Man’s girlfriend, Giga. This image is a about one hour old, and more is done of the pic, but I am not at my home computer right now, so I will just post this with a new one later. I just downloaded the new 2.32 last night after rendering this, so I will have to render this tonight with the new version.

This is the first image of Giga without Jay-Man with her. She is strutting a new pink tube top and better hair systems. Yes, they are USB cables.

Updated: Candy box, chocolate, and lighting work.

It’s too dark to see properly, and I don’t wanna crit something that I can’t really appreciatte.

this has better lighting.

Better lighting, shirt is looking better, and candy wrappers.

Jay Eff. There is something really wrong with your lighting. There seems to be a spotlight from right to left, but you can’t see any specular effects on the robot. Mhm. Other than that, nice image. But rethink your lighting. I think, this could be quite romantic if you used some colored lights and not only just white.

omg. i just checked the main light that goes from right to left, and the no spec was on. grr. i just turned that button off, and will rerender it in a little bit. it takes about twenty minutes to render already, so it takes time. stupid slow computer. i will work on getting better lighting. i am mainly working the models and textures at this moment, but that is mainly done now. i’ll have another update after noon.
red lighting in progress, lamp bulb in progress (any suggestions for making it look better?), shirt in progress, pillow to be added soon.
finished shirt, finished candy box, turned off lamp bulb, and i think i am basically done. i don’t think that I will add a pillow.

C&C are welcome.

Jay Eff. Please rethink your lighting. This image is a great idea, but right now, there is no mood and no contrast in your picture. Maybe begin by deleting all lights and adding a red light where the bulb is. Then add lights to highlight giga, but without making the whole room to bright. Right now everything is only sort of gray.

I don’t want to pick on you, but to improve that picture, because I sort of like it. :slight_smile:

okay, since modeling is done, i will start massive work on the lighting. i am an artist by hand, but i tend to stick to doodles that are just outlines. i have never been able to master the lighting, but this scene is really turning out great, and i want to get the lighting to make sure that the image is great.
now on to lighting.

This is the right attitude… :slight_smile:
lighting is much better, but not perfect. i have one point light where the bulb is, and two spots (no spec) behind the camera pointing at Giga. Any suggestion on how to make the lighting better?
Got rid of a spec coming from the camera, worked on translucency for the bulb, and noticed that the USB cables went untextured. lol I am finished texturing the USB cables now, but since it takes 45 minutes to render now, I will wait until tomorrow to render it out.
Please tell me if this lighting is getting more moodful and looking better.

Hia, JayEff. You have one problem with lighting. You try to illuminate the whole scene very uniformly. This takes all the mood out of the picture. Here is how I normally try to lighten my scenes: (take a look on the internet for lighting tutorial, they help a lot)

I start with the main-light, meaning the light which will give the mayor mood for this image. In your case this should be IMHO the red light in the lamp. (btw: Make it more read btw and less rose. Should look better) Now just render this one and try to get something you like (especially try to lighten everything the lamp should lighten up, like e.g. also the backwall, which now is not lighted by the lamp, because you used a spot-lamp which only is directed on giga.) This might mean, that you have to use two spotlamps (one also directed in the opposite direction to lighten up the wall). Render with only these two lamps till it looks good. (try to modify the distance-parameter and the brightness.) Don’t be disappointed if giga is not really good visible with this lighting. Most of the shadows will be way to dark. But thats ok at this stage. The mood I am thinking of, is some sort of romantic nights lighting.

OK, now for the details: (btw: take a look at my mission to mars thread in the finished section, there you can see one inbetween for this image where the shadows are quite too dark!). Most of the shadows should now be black, so no details of giga should be visible. This is bad. But, the wall in front of giga, meaning, the wall behind the camera would reflect light from the lamp back onto giga. Not very much, but enough to lighten up the shadows. So, add a lamp to the left, and a little behind and above the camera to lighten up the shadows. Now be careful. First: Use a color for this lamp you would image the wall would reflect (based on the color of the wall) and second: don’t make this lamp to bright. If you do, the effect of the red lamp will disappear, because you can’t see the color of the red lamp any more. Try till it looks good. This is your fill light.

Now giga should look quite good, but still a little “flat”. She is the main-part of the picture, so you should be able to tell her apart from the background. To do this, add a (again rather dark) lamp to the right of the picture. Rather far away. This lamp could be a little blue. Think about this lamp as e.g. light coming from out the of window of this room. Moon, or something like this. Again, this lamp shouldn’t be to bright, or the effect of the main-light will vanish. Just a lamp to get some lighting on the brink of the modelled objects. Again, change till you like it. Don’t turn off specularity on this lamp, IMHO. But experiment. This is your back-light.

Search the internet for three-point-lighting. There you will find the basics about this way to light models. Normally works great as a basis for a better lighting. After you have inserted these three light: main-light, fill-light and back-light, your model normally already looks great. But as always, most pictures can be improved if you add further lights (very dark lights!) into the picture to highlight important parts of the image. But always be sure, that none of the newly added lights are too bright, or you will kill the effect of the main light.

OK. Nuff said. Wow. I hope, this helps. Looking forward to an update. Don’t be disappointed. Lighting is (like modelling) a work of art. I still most of the time don’t get the effect I like to have. But work on. Lighting can kill an object, even if it is a great mesh! And with good lighting even a bad modell can look great.

wow. thank you much for this. i am working on implamenting new lighting at this moment.

okay, totally redid the lighting again, and i think that this is getting better.

Hello JayEff. Better, but still not there. I hope you don’t mind me, nagging and nagging and nagging… :slight_smile:

Some points in your picture are still wrong. Lets take a look at some points:

  1. You have a read lamp in the room. Yet the main feeling in the room is white. This might mean, that your fill and backlight still are to dominant compared to the mainlight. Try to turn them down a little.

  2. The lamp is the mainlight, yet there is a shadow of the lamp on the wall created by another light. This is very strange. If the red lamp is the mainlight, it should overpower every other light. So, turn of shadow for all lights except the main light. And turn down the backlight.

  3. There is a red lamp (in my opinion btw. not red enough) in the background, yet the specular reflections on giga are white? This shouldn’t be. :slight_smile:

All in all. Way better, but still you are not brave enough to let some of your image lie in the dark. You don’t have to light the scene overall the same. The modell will still be seen if some parts are really dark.

btw: Did you use emit on some of the meshes? You shouldn’t. Most of the time this means problems with your lighting.

So, try to turn down a lot fill and backlight. Believe me, it will look better. :slight_smile:

the emit value is used on the bulb slightly (along with translucency) and the white “holographic” disks on the body. the spec on giga is weird, i don’t know why. all the lights, except the blueish backlight, are red. i truely love how it looks, and i am out of time. i have school this week, and a camping trip thursday and friday, and saturday is valentine’s day.
thank you jerri for your help on improving the lighting to this point, and I will definately work to further my lighting techniques. I am working heavily on my Jay-Man models in hopes to start on an animated short this summer on my new mac laptop that i am buying this weekend. thanks again.