"Gil Elvgren' Cowgril study

Click image for hi res version.

Been digging the old works of pin-ups art greats lately.
Here is one Gil Elvgrensdone in gimp.

I just had to check this out, I am a big fun of his work, I picked up a big book three months ago filled with his art work. This is pretty good did you just use a circle brush? I think for Elvgren you need to use elliptical brushes and some square ones especially for the hair.

@tyrant monkey

Thank you.
I’ve notice his art a lot growing up, but lately I’ve been going to this vintage store with my girlfriend and there are prints of his work all over the place.
Just used the smudge tool(like moving oil paint sometimes), round brush and change the aspect ratio here and there.I slapped colours down and just erasing till I get the look I want also.
Took a bit longer than expected, but learn a lot studying his work.

Your sketch thread is awesome BTW.