Gimme a Hand

last night i modeled my second hand. probably needs to be redone, but this is what i have at the moment.

tell me about the model itself, not sure how to texture it properly (UV map obviously, need more depth in gimp or something on how to), etc

see dot blend


HAND 1.5.blend (533 KB)

couple render, tweaking, ambient occlusion, anyone know a finger nail material?


think i’m going to call this educational experience done, heres is a youtube 360, dot blend, and pics

critique appreciated


HAND 1.5.blend (515 KB)

Hi, seems a bit unproportial to me. Thin fingers, wide palm, … Nice model though, more than adequate for some toonish model.

you may be right about the palm, but my hands are a bit unproportional, thanks for comment

The placement of the thumb may be a bit off.