Gimp 2.3.12 released!


Changes in GIMP 2.3.12

  • merged the Perspective Clone tool
  • allow to pan the image view using the Space bar
  • show a thumbnail in the “Rotate JPEG?” query dialog
  • added file information to the Image Properties dialog
  • more work on the new selection tools
  • give immidiate feedback when tool modifier keys are pressed
  • added Lens Distortion plug-in
  • internationalize Python binding and Python plug-ins
  • improved internal message infrastructure, use the statusbar for warnings
  • added an URL loader backend based on libcurl
  • build a color-managed CMYK color selector if lcms is available
  • localize Script-Fu procedure descriptions
  • lots of user interface polishing
  • bug fixes and code cleanup

A little bit closer…

alrigth gotta download again.

The three bugs I submitted to bugzilla are now gone (without me having to apply patches), and the perspective clone tool is there. It’s definitely worth the effort.

Note that this is a development release, i.e. it is NOT stable. Remember to save your work frequently.

I love and use Gimp all the time, but I’ve never understood their release methodology. Here they’ve announced version 2.3.11 and the only built version I’ve been able to find is version 2.2.11, which is what, a couple years behind the development version? I started with the Windows version and now am using the OS-X version, but sure wish they would post more recent builds… :frowning:

bigkahuna: They release like linux versions come out. Version numbers with even number such as 2.2 or 2.4 are considered “stable” versions. Versions with odd numbers such as 2.3 or 2.5 are considered to be “development” versions.

When “development” version is considered mature enough, it is released and the version numbers both get incremented. (2.3->2.5 and 2.4->2.6)

On top of what BeBraw said, also take note of what eye208 said: it is development software. Gimp is funny because the development branch is usually fairly stable, but things are changing fast over at the Gimp world. They have been rewriting code in order to prepare for GEGL integration, so things may break hard.

(for everyone) If you choose to use development software of any kind, please be kind enough to take the time to submit bug reports to the actual developers (not random forums). Most FOSS teams are small compared to what they are trying to accomplish. Any help that you can give may be a huge time saver for them.

Have someone a link for the latest (2.3.12) Windows and OSX unstable build?

Where can I got to submit feature requests for Gimp?

When are they going to get Layer Styles, OpenType support with a usable text tool (tracking, linespacing, paragraph controls and opentype options)?

Dunno buddy, maybe if the wanted to be taken more seriossly they would make it easier to receive constructive criticism from it’s users they would get it done faster…what do we get instead…GEGL…thanks Gimp. Months making GEGL or an afternoon putting up a PHPBB forum to ask us what we want.

You could take the time to follow some of the links on their web-site for starters:

Also, some of the developers watch

You can also volunteer to help.

Or you can just bitch about how something free that you use by choice is really not living up to your expectations…

They aren’t. Once this developement cycle ends, and the next begins they will start implementing GEGL. When that happens they will move away from layers altogether and towards either a tree or node setup. Way better than layer styles.

It’s an image editor, not a desktop publishing program. Use Scribus if you want those features.

I know that a lot of people always bring up the same things, but why does the attitute surrounding the GIMP always have to be that harsh? I don’t mean this toward you Skottish, as I know you are not posting things like that but I thought I give my opinion on it since you kind of brought up that topic.

Most other successful open source projects encourage you to submit feature requests. Usually the developers on those projects are very patient when dealing with user’s requests and explain why things can or cannot be done. If you dare to post a feature request on the GIMP it’s immediately a “complaint”. When installing the new 2.3.12 version I had to uncheck the new GTK+ since I had installed it already separately. A pop-up dialog informed me that I couldn’t “expect assistance” if I didn’t install the “included GTK+”. And you often get a very cold reply if you dare to ask for feature XYZ from PhotoShop in the GIMP. Also quite often I read replies like, you want feature XYZ then do it yourself, or, the GIMP is an image manipulation program not an XYZ application (concerning PhotoShop features).

On the other hand I like the improvemets and new tools in 2.3.12 a lot! :smiley:

Exactly! Not much room for criticism, and when people to moan/suggest it is immediately defended my the OSS Militants with typically a “don’t like it, then get lost” sor tof attitude. Nobody would batter an eyelid if I bitched about the effectiveness of a tool in photoshop, and adobe would even give me feedback.

wouldn’t it be nice if Gimp merged with the blender foundation?

Teatimebing, your post that I responded to wasn’t simply criticism, you were railing. Look my point isn’t criticism; that’s fine. My point was is that there are avenues right now for enhancement requests, bug reports, complaints, whatever. The channels already exist, and they’re easy to find from the Gimp web-site. The link to help the project to move faster has also been on the front page for years. If it isn’t enough, and one is still desperate for a special forum for this kind of thing, build it yourself. Participation will get you results much faster than talking in the “other software” forum for another program.

sorry buddy didn’t mean to sound so harsh. I am building up an email of about 4 or 5 features my and my Video and CAD team are itching to see. So I will see what happens!

Email is not really the way to do this. (Unless you are offering your programming services to help develope the features you are asking for)

You will want to make feature requests through the bug tracking system. And be sure to check first, because nearly every feature imaginable has already been requested.

@Everybody : Yes, the gimp developers can be a little cross at times, but put yourself in their shoes. They are a very small team working on this in their spare time. They are bombarded constantly by people complaining about features they think it should have, but who can’t (or won’t) offer any type of programming themselves. With limited resources, they have to choose which features will be most benificial to the most people and focus on those. Right now that means finishing up the current developement cycle so they can begin integrating GEGL.

I hope you people realize just how important GEGL is. Not only will it make nearly every color space and bit depth available, but it will change Gimp so that it no longer uses layers. It will be something very similar to Blender’s Node system. (Although right now it looks like it may be tree based, but it’s the same type of concept) This goes way beyond anything that Photoshop currently offers.