Gimp 2.7 Only 4 relevant features ?

They have beem working on gimp 2.7 for like more than half a year and now they release the 2.7 and the say the most important changes are 4 not so cool featres???

What ???

here in blender we get tons of cool features every 3 months normally , and these gus can only add :

  • Resource tagging – you can now tag your GIMP resources( wow what a killer feature)

  • Improved Brush dynamics – new features were added to the brush dynamics, such as controlling the brush aspect-ratio( ok , a basic feature)

  • Brushes can now be rotated in the same way they can be scaled – no more need to create copies of brushes( allright)

  • JPEG 2000 support was added( wow what a killer feature)

yes it seems like gimp development is faster than ever.:eek:

It’s the same thing with every openSource software: You should to be thankful for any new features and bugfixes! No matter how small they are, they come for free because people donate their skill and time.

The fact that we get loads of fixes and features for blender makes us more lucky than most other openSource software but you can’t take that as a general benchmark.

So please take care that you don’t piss off people who develop software for free… I kinda like got the impression that you want more more more! of what is beeing given as a gift to us all :wink:


… but I must admit, I also hoped for some more dramatic improvements for theGimp.

Well, they’ll come… actually they just opened a new development branch, it will surely prosper and give birth to tons of new feature-twigs :yes:

LOL. I’m a bit impatient for a few features myself, but I know that the Gimp folks are working as fast as they can. There has been so much “under the hood” work as they implement more of GEGL.

I look forward to bit depths greater than 8, and some sort of system for grouping layers. And I’ll be able to make good use of resource tagging and JPEG 2000 support. I suppose that “killer feature” is in the eye of the beholder. grin

I’ll confess I’m eagerly awaiting the next release of Inkscape as well.

If only all open source graphics projects could advance like Blender does now. We are getting rather spoiled by our favorite 3D application.

here in blender we get tons of cool features every 3 months normally , and these gus can only add :

You (and the rest of us as well for that matter) are really spoiled by the Blender developers and the vast amount of improvements they keep adding to Blender. It is unfair to suggest GIMP developers are a disapointment, not only because it’s disrespectful and because they do this in their free time but because there are not “only 4 relevant features” as you suggest. I’d write them here myself but the release notes and the change log offer enough info on their own

Some of the more interesting things:

  • Prepare data structures for layer groups
  • Merge the GSoC 2009 projects for brush dynamics (ToDo)
  • Change the Text Tool to perform text editing on-canvas (GSoC 2008)
  • get rid of the annoying dialogs that warned about the flatting of images when saving to non-layered formats.

Unfortunatelly the 2009 brush dynamics proposal on their wiki is down atm, otherwise I’d link that as well.

I too was hoping for higher bitdepths… I certainly don’t hope so but who knows, blender development might not continue at todays pace forever, it could slow down. Altough, 4 features in half a year would still be enough to compete with autodesk :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the main thing about gimp is the gui … i do truely like some of the under the bonnet stuff they give us, but it allways feels like the gui is an afterthought

big up to the good work tho

that’s what a lot of people say about blender, remember? :]

the thing is with blender … the ui works verry well love it cuse theres logic to it … just donnt get that with gimp at all its little thingg like the menues arnt split in a logical way and the tool pallet running like a separate app the lines on a selection arnt so defined, dont get me wrong i have nothing agenst chalengeing guis.

but asswell it comes down to personal preference one mans trash is another mans treasure :slight_smile:

I’m not too fussed about the speed of improvements. I’ve got Photoshop CS1 and barely use all the features. I would like to switch to GIMP in the future once it has full support for floating point precision for images. I’m already quite content with what it can accomplish at the moment. From what I gathered is the migration to GEGL not a trivial thing, and as a software engineer I can imagine what it means in terms of structural changes to the codebase. Let’s wait and see or even better participate or use Photoshop in the meantime which is developed by paid software engineers (and therefore more rapidly).

I wouldn’t expect anything more than small trivial changes to the gui over the next two release cycles. Overhauling the GUI would be nice. (mostly so that people would stop complaining about it)

But in the end, who gives a rip if the gui matches your curtains and makes coffee for you when the image processing capability is still sub-standard.

Almost everything in the near future is going to be work under the bonnet getting GEGL in and the old cruft out.

The wiki us up again, here are some interesting things planned for GIMP (the brush system even for the 2.8 stable release, no clear mention about the transformation tool)

The only thing I want is a ‘sample merged’ smear. :smiley: