Gimp Fblur-Plugin

I took the the blend from M@dcows Tutorial (thank you) to give the blur plugin a try. I rendered a mask using the zutils sequence plugin to use it as a depthmap. Just a quick test, but i think, it’s a good thing to have in the toolbox. If you compile it with the preview option, you can set the focal point with a mouseclick…

Focus blur Homepage:

M@dcows DOF-Tutorial:

hmmm … this fblur thingie looks very nice - to me has more magik than straight out of 3d - but is there a windows compile somewhere or - a step-by-step how-to treat this one under windows ?

Well its actualy works great when you have the ‘zutil’ plugin or some thing loaded in Blender. Render the scene. Then Using the 'zutil plugin or script render out the depth map.

Go to Gimp open the scene render image then use the depth map image as source inf the Fblur of Gimp and voila !!

I dont seem to recall the depth rendering plugins name correctly it can do host of the things too. Make a search in ‘plugins’ forums if you want to play.


In a Gimp-newsgroup i found this link:

Some plugins compiled for Win. Couldn’t check, as I’m on Ubuntu-Linux…


ta. will check them out. judging from screenshots, they require japanese fonts installed?

Dont think so. They should use your language settings