Gimp GEGL and Blender GEGL ?.

There seems to be a new word gegl no not google but GEGL.
One of the gimp developers is dreaming about the future and thinks about GEGL for GIMP and Blender.
Well might be interesting to some

here is the text :

‘New’ word ? Not quite

nah I’m more excited for GCIP
or the IPMAN

I have no clue what GEGL is but I like what I see

GEGL is required to have non destructive operations such as adjustment layers.
I gave up on gimp kinda 10 years ago maybe (due to lack of features and lack of a N-D workflow) and they were talking about full GEGL porting back then. I don’t know at what point of the porting they are now but It seems the development is kinda slow.

Krita has had non destructive layer effects for several years now. It now has full on animation features and several brush engines on top of that. Full support for photoshop layer effects. Vector layers and several successful kickstarters.

Gimp devs are about a century behind atm xD