GIMP, How do you eraser fill?

How do you erase a mono colored region with the fill tool?

If you can’t do this with the fill tool, is there an operation with a similar effect in the GIMP?

Use the color to alpha filter. This however linearly selects the color range. Thus it doesn’t work surgically.

You can also select by color, but this is extremely surgical and doesn’t graduate at all. Feather selection can help this, though not much.

Photoshop has a nice feature called “select color” which has a gazillion options with it, allowing as much-or as little-graduation of selection as needed to get just the right selection, and thusly you can remove the selected region.

Hope that helps.

Fuzzy select the region (Z is the default shortcut key).

Then press CTRL+K

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, that should do it.

Thanks for the help, but I found a solution. I wasn’t very clear about this in my question, but I wanted to erase a single colored area, making it transparent.

I used the contigous region tool to select the background to be deleted, inverted selection (thus selecting what I wanted to save), copied it, and then pasted it to a knew transparent layer.

So if anyone ever needs to take out a background, that’s a way to do it.

Again thanks everyone, I’ll try to be more specific next time.