Gimp Rock Texture Tutorial

Hello Everyone.

I am looking for a good tutorial on how to create rock-like textures for UV-mapping using The Gimp. I found a few Photoshop ones, but the Bas-Relief filter doesn’t seem to transfer to the Gimp (or maybe it does, and I’m just missing it…). Anyway, anyone know of a good tutorial used to make rock textures that look fairly realistic?



This works (at least) under Gimp 2.2.8

  1. Create a new image of any size
  2. Open the Channels dialog box. Select “New Channel”. Name it ‘alpha 1’
  3. Go to Filters–> Render–> Clouds–> Plasma
  4. Go back to the Channels Dialog Box. Select the Red, Green, and Blue channels only
  5. Go to Filters–> Light Effects–> Lighting Effects. Hit the “Light” tab. Under “Type” select “Directional”. Bring the Intensity down to around ‘0.66’
  6. Select the “Bump Map” tab. Check “Enable bump mapping”. Select the item that has ‘alpha 1’ in the “Bumpmap Image” drop down list. Chose “Linear” in the “Curve” drop down list. Hit “OK”.

You should be able to tweak the settings to get good rock.

Works good. Thanks!


Skottish I tried doing just what you put in here step by step but all I get is a cloudy checkerboard pattern.

Note: I switched to 2.3.5 last night, so hopefully everything is still in the same place.

When you open a new Gimp image, do you get a solid background or semi-transparent checkerboard? If you get the checkerboard, go to File–> Preferences in the main Gimp toolbar. Select ‘Default Image’ and go to the ‘Fill with’ section. Select either ‘white’ or ‘background color’. If you don’t, make sure that the Red, Green, and Blue channels are turned on (you know, the little eyeballs to the left of the image previews). If that doesn’t work, write back and we’ll figure it out.

This is a really nice tutorial. It helped me a lot so thanks.

The steps the tutorial give are quite detailed and effective, even a person with little knowledge about this can finish it without too much difficulty.Thanks a lot for your dedication!

Just because it fits in here so well: In addition you might wanna take a look at insanebump.
Works really well. I created some very nice rocky normal maps from a picture of crumpled paper. Awesome program. Only downside is that it installs a lot of sub programs it depends on (and I think it’s not running under windows).

Best is to make the diffuse texture and the normals map as seperate files. Also, TextureMaker makes great rock textures if you know how to use it. Insane Bump looks cool, I will have to try that out.

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