GimPhoto 1.0

This is shameless plug :slight_smile:

I’ve been released GimPhoto 1.0 at
GimPhoto is GIMP 2.3.19 repackage with new menu structure (mimick PS 7 but without menu renaming, just modified menu structure) and packed with many useful plugins such as: CMYK separation, Save for Web, Batch Process and Layer Style.

Because i have limited bandwidth so i ask for help to create mirror for this installer.

For now only available as Windows installer because i never create Linux installer, so maybe someone who can create Linux installer interested to help me, just email me at ekkians at gmail dot com.

sorry for my bad english, Thank you.

updated: GimPhoto files now hosted at Google Code, so download is more reliable.

05/09/07: GimPhoto now available as single file setup exe and hosted at Rapidshare, Sendspace, Turboupload and Megaupload. I hope this will help to reduce the download trouble.

10/09/07: GimPhoto site that hosted at ( temporary not accessible that because i try to use new custom domain feature at, appearantly DNS refresh require 48 hours to update new domain to point to (i new to this kind of process, so i hope this will going well :slight_smile: if not, i will revert to old way where redirected to

for whom that want to download it, you still can download it from:
Google Code: for 6 parts download.
and as single package download, here:

sorry for this trouble :slight_smile:

17/09/07: After many days struggle with custom domain settings at, at last with help from domain hosting support, now is back online! but don’t use because i still need to configure it to redirect it to

for some reason i cant download the files.
clicking on the disk1-6.dsk files im redirected to a new page with nothing on it, just a white blank page.
clicking on gimphoto.1.o.o.exe redirects me to a new page where i have to write in some code and click on the download button. after doing that i get a zero file sized exe.
please could you create a sourceforge account and put this on there? or somewhere else?
this file hosting service sucks pretty much…

EDIT! DON:T bother downloading, file 6 is corrupted!

zenith, if you happen to read this post, please re-upload file number six as it is corrupted. Thanks for making this modification of GIMP Photo :slight_smile:

the links point to:

you need to wait 90 seconds, after that enter some code (will be displayed as a jpg image) and then download each file which is less than 4 MEG each.

This is time consuming but if it works … so be it :slight_smile:

(NOTE! you may have to "reload the page a few times until the links display)

ok, I just virus scanned the folder I saved the files to and they are clean. YAY!

thanks for your information, i already uploaded new disk6.gsd.
download link:

also don’t forget to download gimphoto-1.0.exe because that file that will join all other 6 files.

sorry for this inconvenience, i don’t knew if you have much trouble to get file from easy-share, maybe you have suggestion good free file sharing? is good? because i saw many elysiun user use it.

actually i want register to sourceforge, but i have no source code to share because this only repackage so the source code is still original Gimp source code, afaik sourceforge is for opensource project and GimPhoto is only repackage project, i afraid this not deserved to hosted at sourceforge.

Have you considered hosting at Google ( ?

thank you zenith … looks good :slight_smile:

thanks BeBraw for your suggestion, now i try to move my files to Google Code when finish it i will inform it at this thread :slight_smile:

if you want to edit RAW files or 16 bit editing, you should also install UFRAW.
or directly download for Windows version for only about 2 Mb here

afaik they even can use Nikon curve to change the look of Nikon RAW files (.nef) so we can modify Nikon RAW without Nikon Capture (Nikon propietary software).

ok, with some brute force forward and backward clicking numerous times i was able to finaly download all files, installation and running the prog was flawless (nice splash image by the way), however i miss the default gimp behaviour (right mouse click for the entire menu).
also i miss these plugins from the original gimp distro, so if you think they are worth to add to gimphoto that would be cool.
1 resyntesizer
2 gimp normal map plugin
3 kaleidoscope

after too many upload attempts failed, at last i can managed moving all gimphoto files to Google Code, so now download more reliable.

for whom that failed to download, try again now :slight_smile:

gaalgergely, if you like to have full menu when you right-click, download this file:
and place it at Gimphoto folder, the exact path is:

\Program Files\Gimphoto\share\gimp\2.0\menus\

you can overwrite the image-menu.xml or you can rename the original image-menu.xml before copying the new one.

for plugins or filters, i didn’t remove any plugins or filters, i just installed Gimp 2.3.19 for Windows and change the menu structure, so the plugins or filters is exactly like original Gimp 2.3.19 distro for Windows.

resynthesizer and normalmap is great and useful plugins, i will include resynthesizer and normalmap for next GimPhoto release for Gimp 2.4, but for kaleidoscope i’m not clear what it’s for?

thanks zenith for the xml file!
here is a picture about what can be done with the kaleidoscope plugin:
the first picture shows a plain simple noise procedural…boring…
the second is a mixture of different noise images, more interesting…this now can be used as dirt, or rust bump map in renders…
the third one shows the kaleidoscope plugin on the second image with overdone presets…
the fourth one shows the second image with the kaleidoscope plugin with less overdone presets…this basicaly has a different pattern, but looks almost like the second one.
if you have to create a lot of these kind of textures for walls, bricks, pipes, then its kind of a big time saver…well, it is for me :slight_smile:
bug report: xml doesnt shows the filters menu, and the mouse pointer when clicking with the right mouse button…without xml the mouse pointer is still missing, but the menu is different, but you know that :slight_smile: gimps behaviour is that to get rid of the pop up file menu if you leave its area, but in gimphoto i have to click once to get the pointer back…

This is really really great. Thank you very much for your work. The mix of Gimp and Photoshop structure is very good.

I hope you will re-pack also Gimp 2.4 when it will be out :slight_smile:

Maybe also this plugin would be interesting for 3d users:

Thanks JiriH, i’m also happy you like it :slight_smile:
hey, i knew about texturize plugin but forgot to include it :smiley: sorry, it will be included at next release, thanks for suggest it.

oh, kaleidoscope is used to give texture different pattern, so can make texture looks more natural, i will include it at next release.
for filters not show-up i will check it, but for the mouse pointer hide when right-click is also happen when using original Gimp 2.3.19 for Windows, i think this one of many bugs that must be fix before Gimp 2.4 released.

ah, cool! :slight_smile:
thanks zenith, thats awesome. and why did i left out the texturize plugin its beyond me, cool to have it in the next release. :slight_smile:

after i check image-menu.xml i confused because the filters menu code for right-click is there but not show-up, its weird, i must further check it, sorry for the trouble.

a more little info about GimPhoto, now GimPhoto already available as single package and hosted at Rapidshare, Sendspace, Turboupload and Megaupload, so i hope this will help.

looking nice will check that today

I think this is wonderful, but I have a problem to report:
On the start of the exe frome the new single installer, I got " The procedure point g_slice_alloc could not be located in the dynamic link library libglib-2.0-0.dll."
Let em know if there’s something I may need to do to ix on my end - looks like a promising package so far.

i just downloaded it and testet it a little bit. No problems so far. I just wanted to say that i was really looking for something like this. Thanks for the work you did.

Are you going to make a new version after Gimp 2.4 is released? Anyway looks great so far! :slight_smile:

i have tested the installer at a couple of win 2000 and win xp computer, it went smoothly. Maybe your download is corrupt or something. For single package download, because the process upload is done by my friend, i can’t guaranteed it works. I only can guaranteed the 6 parts file package that hosted at Google Code, because i upload it by myself. (for download link see first post of this thread because for a couple days can’t be accessible). Sorry for this trouble :o

I’m also happy you like it :slight_smile: Thanks.
I will make a new version after 2.4 released, now i tried to make Linux package for Gimphoto and try to recompile Gimp under windows, so i can make more better Gimp repackage :smiley:

Hello zenith,

once more I have to thank you for GimpPhoto. After using it for couple of days I have to say it is brilliant Gimp derivative.

You may be interested in this perfect set of gimp brushes that maybe make it into final Gimp 2.4 release. Anyway it would be fine to see them in GimpPhoto. (I suppose you will bring new release when 2.4 is out so you may remember this suggestion.). Brushes here: