Gimpshop (not an add)

This topic is not an add or something like that. You all should know now :smiley:

Well i want to tell about a hack who nearly turns gimp into photoshop. And even more i think it does. It most of the time looks just like and near photoshop. But it behaves like Gimp and thats what i like. Well i really mean you should try this if you dont have photoshop.

Ive also found a AWESOME place to find gimp brushes.

For now bye

Perhaps this thread should be in the “other software” forum, since this is the thread for actual artwork that you might create with gimp, or “gimpshop”.

Ooops, forgot the shadow topic. Oh well.

Yeah, this is more “other software” than traditional, as the tradtional forum is for art not software. :slight_smile:

Well it crashed on my computer… Running win xp :expressionless:

Did you run the 2.2.8 version? (the link at the top of the page)

(It worked okay for me: xp sp2)

I think it might have somthing to do with the GIMP 2.2.8 I am running, but GIMPshop is not consolidated on my PC like I thought it would be. It looks the same, but with an arbitrary windo in the background that seems to serve no other purpose aside from exit.

the 2.2.4 works. It doesnt crash.

But its strange. It still has 4 windows up. Just as Dunkytyme said.

I have swedish version of winXp. Maybe its that that causes problems.

This version works…

Its looking good.