Gingerbread (Gus) tutorial error?

I’m going through the Gingerbread tutorial in Blender’s Manual (sroll 1/3 way down) and when it says to create the legs, I can only pull the leg verticies along the vertical axis, not out along the horizontal axis.

I unclicked the Do Clipping button but to actually pull the legs out from the Mirror axis …but it’s what I can’t do. I just have a gingerbread man standing with his feet together, not apart like it shows in the tutorial.

It mentions the Do Clipping will make it look like he’s wearing a skirt but I can’t even make it go diagonal.

Please help. :frowning:

The do clipping button just stops any verts being allowed to cross over the centre line of your mesh, After selecting the two bottom verts and pressing ‘G’ (grab) press the middle mouse button then you will be free to drag the two bottom verts in both horizontal and vertical.

Do as Hazza says : there is no reason, if you unchecked the ‘‘Do Clipping’’ button for you not to be able to pull the legs apart. Maybe you’re missing just a little detail like it happens a lot when following tutorials.

I’ll redo this tutorial tomorrow anyway : it’s become bloated with Note boxes and hard to follow. It’ll become seriously steamlined and still informative. So come back on Monday and all should be simpler.



Thank you guys so much. :smiley:

Annndd… thank you for being extremely nice. Alot of help forums are mean and expect people to know everything. Thanks again!