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Starting work on a new character, I’m gonna try to document the work I do on her here. Looking for feedback on shapes and anatomy!


Please always add the #nsfw tag to posts like this.

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thanks Bart, was looking for the rules on that but couldn’t find it. :ok_hand: cheers!

just having some fun tightening and detailing her face:

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Looking good.

didn’t have a whole lot of time this weekend, but I started painting out an initial face texture.

the next big thing to work out is her hands, I was not satisfied with the hands of my last character and I want to spend a little more energy working this characters hands to a level I’m satisfied with!


one more:


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I’m a big fan of your work, man. Used your hair tutorial to make hair. If Eevee could have rendered it, I would have even kept it! Also, poked at your Iris+Rig for a while. Pretty legit.

cheers, I appreciate it mate! Hope it helped in some way… if you have any questions shoot me a message on insta or twitter! I’m always happy to help. :slight_smile:

I haven’t kept this thread updated because it didn’t get a lot of interest, so I’ve been posting primarily on insta and twitter. I’d be happy to keep this thread alive though, I’m still working on this character often.

I’ve been focusing on nailing the facial shapes. I want to make sure that I hit that appeal nicely.

Also new/old haircut

I’m not sure exactly where I want to take this character tho. I had originally wanted to make her a sword warrior 'cuz I want to do some animation with a character like that, but I’m struggling finding a compelling backstory/design/outfit. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Also, not sure I feel like this whole thread is nsfw just because of the basemesh. Is there a way to just make individual posts nsfw?


I think you can remove the #nsfw tag. I’d say just censor out the wires and untag it. Not that it matters. I think most people on this forum look at the nsfw posts. Some of us (me) gravitate to those.

The reason your thread doesn’t get much response is you’ve hit the Uncanny Valley of Talent. You’re not good enough that the hardcore pros feel like they can learn from you, and they can tell you’re probably gonna figure out further shortcomings on your own. And you’re not bad enough that just anyone can give you advice. Take it as a compliment. It means you’re in the top ~10%.

Like… what am I gonna tell you? Am I gonna give you advice on your hair? I learned what I know about hair from you so… Oh wait. I can give you advice. Figure out ears. They’re a huge pain in the butt, but figure them out. It took me like 5 solid days to finally model an ear right, and now I just copy/paste it and change its basic shape when I need another ear.


i really like the character, it has a different styling then usual animation.


quick reply here, just wanted to update because I’m still working on this character.

@philo_vivero cheers mate, I think it’s mostly my responsibility, I intended to make this a little more informative in terms of my process and thought, but I wasn’t able to do that as I hoped.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to throw up images here… if anything piques your interest, or if you have any questions feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to help. :slight_smile:


Aw yeah more renders. I can never get enough.

Do you have a workflow for long hair? I’m starting to get tired of my “hair up in a bun” style, and am thinking about making the hair long, but without some help from the software, it would just suck too much time.

I found this tutorial about rigging hair and setting up collision objects etc:

The result looks great for low-res animation or still-frame renders (think: let Blender physics put the hair into 95% the correct pose, then tweak the last 5%).

Honestly I don’t think I’m good enough to have really good questions about your characters without hearing some of your thoughts on your process. Doesn’t have to be too in-depth. Just “first I made geometry like this, then I did lighting like that, then I rendered with this thinger.”

I keep finding things in Blender I didn’t know existed, which really speed up my workflow.

Just today I figured out you can shift-drag an item in the library viewer onto another item, and it’ll create a parent relationship.

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Oohh - that last render, her eyebrows look too bushy to me - again, maybe the style you’re going for, and if so, rawk on.

If not, and it’s just a placeholder, I have been meaning to try this:

I’m trying to grok what’s going on there. I get the drawing and creating eyebrow bits from the drawing etc, but then at the end, where he puts them inside a mesh deform then sticks that onto a plane deform then shrink wraps that onto the mesh and whatever… I have no idea what all that is supposed to do.

It seems if I grok it then I might be able to re-use the workflow to fix the eyelash problem I have with my model.

How I do eyelashes: just model a few hundred of them. Then parent that mesh to the eyelid bones of the Rigify armature. Then weight paint.

Problem: one eyelash can have a strong effect from two different bones, and it’ll sort of rip/tear apart, leaving me with a few dozen flat pancake-shaped eyelashes.

What I really want is, basically, each eyelash to point along the normal of a plane, then rig that up to the armature. At least… that is the idea, I think.

How do you do eyelashes?

About the hair, can I ask are you still using the curve method you did before (IIRC)? I’m wondering how you could make that sort of hair game ready; I know you can convert the curves to a mesh, but for me that sometimes results in something pretty poly heavy. The way I thought about doing it was retopologizing the hair, but I’m wondering if you could reduce the poly count without that, and not lose too much detail in the process. I really like the results you get with your hair, and I’d like to try something similar.

That being said, I really like the freckles and eyes.

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haha @philo_vivero cheers mate.

I try to avoid simulation as much as I can. I’ve found it to not give appealing results… most of the time you need to design the shapes for maximum tastiness.

My technique probably would be to design the long hair in the way that I would want it to be, and then probably make a bounding mesh w/ softbody physics (using mesh deform or surface deform), to get that last 10% of simulation for collisions and stuff.

I use mesh deform + surface deform + shrinkwrap a lot! those are good tools. Combined with the solidify modifier, that’s most of my clothing, haha.

As far as eyelashes go, I’m currently using particle hair for the eyelashes. It was the only way I could easily get the nice clumping. There’s a thin mesh that runs around the eyes that the hair particles are on… with some nice combing and some child particles, it’s worked out well for me so far. I’m a little worried about it falling apart with serious deformation, but we’ll see.

I’d also try doing eyelashes just on a flat plane w/ painted eyelashes. I think for the majority of situations, that would hold up.

@Minkmetrodon thanks mate! yeah, curves are easy to use, so I continue to use them for hair. They’re honestly not suuuuper great for game engines, but that being said there are definitely some controls to make them much less high poly.

In curve settings there is a resolution multiplier. I think default it’s set to 12, which is reaaally high resolution.


I drop that down for viewport performance most of the time anyway. Don’t forget to drop the resolution on the bevel curve object as well!

not much of an update other than that. Trying out some different colors/clothes, but nothing really sticking yet.

I like very much the style of this character, specially on these last shots. It’s a fresh look that surely would work great on an animation movie. Fells that one can easily portrait any emotion with her.
You have an overhaul great work and the only reason I haven’t made any comment previously was because I didn’t notice this topic until now :slight_smile:

I too consider that there is no reason for the mature filter, except for the very first post. So this is very misleading and gives the impression that the entire topic is naked dolls which ain’t the case anymore.
Has an idea, you hide that image with one of this things (the gear icon on top):

see hiden image

Place your image here

And place one of the most recent images on top. This will bring to this awesome work the deserved attention for sure :slight_smile:

While that is a good idea, the topic would still require the NSFW tag. Technically I can’t make it work on individual posts, but only on the entire topic. A better solution would be to start a second, non-nsfw topic.

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Thanks for the reply! \o/

She is really cute, congrats!