Girl Head WIP

Hello Guys.

I’m making a simple girl’s head, the work is at the beginning, and i’m doing it mainly to learn how to model heads in Blender (i know, it’s a shame because i’m using Blender has 5 years (maybe 6 or 7, dunno exactly) and i never modelled a (realistic) head).

Here’s the first render:
16h of work



wow this is fantastic

Thanks guy.

Somethings are very bad, the eyes for example, and the topology has some serious problems:
(the green lines shows how the edge loops should be)

I didn’t pay attention on this, but now i can’t change her expression.

So, i’ll have to redo the whole head :(.



When you do, make the mesh less dense. It will be easier to work on and there will be no visual difference.