Girl portrait

test cycle

1 rough version

With some days


Before the retopo


test lighting

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I love her looks ! Nice work !
I can’t wait to see all the details added.

Final sculpt . now texturing and hair

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Very nice! I think the likeness is very good! Keep it up!

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First test of texturing and sculpt corrections


wow this looks really nice,
can you tell us more about the skin

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Looks really good.
The eyelids and area around it are a little bumpy.

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A lot of corrections. the skin painted on Substance Painter and plug into the Principled. Eyebrow and eyelash test. Unfinished hair

A lot of sculpt corrections. Eyebrows and eyelashes on the way. Start Hair Research


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Looking great! I like it.

She’s beautiful !

Thanks! I still have a lot of work to do. The hair’s not right yet. I’m starting to like the skin texture.

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This portrait is too rigid. I have to do his rig. There are a lot of details I don’t like either. I’ll do it again, starting with giving him a mouth