girl portrait

i wanted practice with young girl face, so here is the result of last week

really nice. good forms, good anatomy. nose wings are a little wide, but they are still believable. if your computer can handle it, more children hairs and finer hair (the rootsetting smaller) would benefit… i like the second render very much, where her hair looks like transforming into flames. well done.

like this alot . really nice ! good job!

Nice work. I like the lighting in the first render as well.
Did you do the flames in blender? If so I would be interested on what you did to achieve the affect.

Nice work. But artifacts on her hair ruin the effect.

The nose and chin look a little off, but this might depend on where you live. We are used to modelling after the archetype we see in our country, so it might be that you aren’t from around me :stuck_out_tongue: Very nice, though, I am unsure why, probably because of the nose and chin, it doesn’t strike me as a young girl… Still, very nice!

Hi, thanks for the feed back.
To make the hair fire, i convert 5000 children hair to curves, bevel them and convert them to mesh. Then i paint some weight and set them on fire
Here is a screenshot of the mesh hair with weight

Clearly this method is not animatable. Blender can’t set real hair on fire

Nice idea, and nice implementation. Thanks for explaining that.