Girl with attitude quick test.

did this today i dint spend time on the arms btw n i used the cookie flex rig

Good to see you’re still practicing!

Just a few suggestions from a non expert (me). :wink:

When a woman walks, her feet should almost be in line, like she’s walking on a tightrope. This means you’ll need to animate a bit of a swing when one leg and foot passes the other.

Speaking of swing, you might want to put a little more tilt into those hips and shoulders.

I notice a bit of speed up and slow down happening pretty regularly. I think this is where your action is beginning and ending. This may be due to the bezier curves in your keyframes. For a cycle, you want to change those so that the speed is continuous. In other words, you get rid of those awkward pauses and the cycle repeats more smoothly. This should only be necessary for you IK feet and main torso (the box) bones, although it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with others. You can adjust the handles at the beginning and end manually to get the look you like or try a cyclic extrapolation (Shift - E in the Graph/F-Curve Editor)

you are always to the rescue thanks alot:D, i wanted try the female im kinda rusty at cycles but im aiming to get better i wanted her to have a wutless walk thats bajan / caribbean sllang. But looking at it she looks a it like a monster walking lololol so its back to the drawing but i really apprecate ur feed back thanks alot for introducing me to this rig again blessings im going to work harder t it