My latest project - I’m calling it finished…

This is obviously pretty amazing work, but I can’t help but notice that it falls pretty deep into the Uncanny Valley for me… there is something not quite right with her posture, face, eyes, all of them or any combination thereof. I can’t put my finger on it. Which is probably because I am not even capable of creating something amazing like this. :wink:

Other than that, stunning!

Amazing work! There’s something about her jaw that’s putting me off though.

Finished? That’s too bad, because those clavicles really need to be fixed.

This is great, but I do agree there’s a little something missing.

I really believe if you get the eyes right, a lot of other small things will be forgiven… how about wetting the eyes and give them a really prominent reflection.

p.s. this is eons beyond what i could ever achieve, this is only meant as constructive criticism :slight_smile:

Very good! I like the position and clothing, and the atmosphere of the scene

Only it’s weird to me her head or neck. I do not know if it’s because the head is too big, or is it because his neck is small. Or maybe a little of both.
Another image that I found out there:

a very good portrait… i actually do like the pose, it looks very natural,and as if the girl was caught in a surprise moment, while she was relaxing and was in having a smoke. i have seen these often, and love to see it in your image. well done on capturing that … the surroundings fit well with her outfit and style.textures are great… here facial anatomy is a little off (most noticable are: eyes are placed too high, no bone structure visible around eye, eyes do not look to same point), hair however again very well done and convincing. her left lower arm, that rests in her lap, seems a little too thin. alltogether it is a lovely image, and i believe, if you decide to pick the project up again, you will be able to push it more. it is already a wonderful image capturing a moment, away from the standard boring view of girls shown so often. this for its own makes the image great already, imho…

Thank you all for your constructive criticisms - it’s very useful. I had to learn a lot to complete this and I’m really looking forward to doing much better with the next one. The only problem is to decide what project to start next :slight_smile:

just amazing work !!! I’m blown away

You always impress me swmo.


Real good job on the materials!
About the model itself, if you get the eyes a tad smaller and a little bit more Inside the face “but still respecting the one eye distance beetween the two” I think she’ll look definitely better.
Now on your modeln the eye stops at exacly the same place as the eyebrow … it should stop before.

Thanks guys.

@MonkMonk - Hope you get some time to come back to Blender soon.

Very good as is but if you change the position of her clavicles (they’re way too far down from the neck), tweak her nostrils a bit and scale down her cigarette pack then it’s all good!

Man this is so amazing, but I have to agree that the eyes and nose need fixing, and I hope so much that you’ll fix them… I love the pose and clothes. And yes, also the cigarette pack is way too big. Maybe she needs a tiny bit more volume to the hair too but i believe that need would disappear if the eyes and nose got fixed. It would be so crazy good if you fixed those things!

I’m so excited to see the REAL finished version of this. Please, do it for all of us! :smiley:

Lol, maybe I will revisit it then, as you asked so nicely :slight_smile: I’m going to do a smaller, easier project first though.

This took me a long time - I had many problems with my laptop not being able to handle it and had to apply the multires modifier so it is all high-poly mesh now which makes it harder to change now. I also did the hair about 5 times mainly due to problems with multires. So I was a bit sick of it by the end :slight_smile: I’m not sure what happened with the clavicles as on an earlier version before I posed her they were more in the right place, I’m no expert on anatomy but seems glaringly obvious now!

Excellent. Save jaw and that pack of smokes is frigging huge.

But very well done in all other aspects.

I tried to make some quick edits on photoshop to show more obviously what I meant previously about the position of the eyes.
On the image above, I did just a few edits to bring her back from the uncanny valley.
First I reduced the size of the eyes, and I moved them inward into the face. I also put them more in the middle of the face vertically.
I almost kept the eyebrows at the same size, so the eyes look smaller than the eyebrows.
I also brought the nose and the mouth a little bit downward in the face.
I "slightly"reduced the size of the mouth. Also I shaded the forehead a tad more, to make it look less flat.
I added some ambient occlusion on the eyeball, to make it look more integrated in the face, and finally I added some more gloss on the eyeball, on the lower eyelid and on the lower lip.
I hope you’ll find this helpful ! :wink:

OR to betray less the face of your model:

You can just lower the eyes the nose and the mouth Inside the face.

Fantastic work !

Any time I see one of these realistic CGI humans, I wonder how realistic an animation would look.

(Movies like Avatar, I Robot are hinting that it’s already possible for big studios / render farms)

Probably won’t be long till it’s possible on a “home” p.c.

How long did it take to render ?

Cycles render ?

What is your machine specs?

@Fuderiki Wow, thanks for taking the time to do that, I’ll definitely have a close look - your image looks a lot better. I need a lot more practice before I can really make a good portrait, but it’s something I want to keep practising.

@Mike_S Thank you! I think my model would need to be an order of magnitude better to be able to animate. It is easier with a still pose - I applied the armature modifier after posing and resculpted the incorrect bits. For animation I would have had to been much better at weight painting and probably shape keys too. I also had to apply multires modifier to get hair to work without running out of memory and other problems. Cloth sim for the clothes, hair physics for the hair; there is a lot to learn. Also, as I understand it, Blender needs a little improvement in these areas to be really workable. And that’s even before you ask me to start putting in key frames to animate her realistically. Hopefully one day :slight_smile:

My laptop is an 8 core Intel i7 with 8GB (not enough memory) - but it was given me by work and they don’t understand why a SQL/C# programmer would need more than 8GB to render 3D images :slight_smile:

It took about 4 hours to render I think - I upped the samples (yes it was cycles) to 1000 for the final image but it hardly looked different to 500 samples which was taking 2 hours. It’s fairly quick to render as it’s an outside scene with sun lamp and HDR. The whole scene is 3.4million tris - I wanted to do one more level of subdivision on the upper body sculpt but sadly the laptop couldn’t handle it.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave feedback - it is really appreciated.

I’ve tried to implement what you all suggested about the face - the features, especially the eyes are smaller and lower in the face, I’ve moved the clavicles up and tried to get more reflection in the eyes. Also fixed the jaw a bit and tried to get more bone structure round the eyes, but not sure how successfully. Anyway, please let me know what you think.