Nothing flash or fancy really, just a character that I made. I hope you like!


I tell you it’s done nicely for your character, good work.

Nice and clean. Congratulation.

Thank you 3dlslider and pieriko!

hi looks great but for me the skin is a bit too white and ghostly like that creates some king of scary effect
but if you wanted to go realistically i would put a hi rs texture bumps normal’s and specularmaps
trust me then it looks good

Nice model (!!), but not 100% sure on the skin. Overall i feel it could have abit more life and texture to it. Needs more imperfection to be perfect in the texture.

I agree with Jonas and Gremlin, the skin is just a bit off, kind of looks like a manikin. Try adjusting your skin settings SSS? A different lighting scheme may also help- maybe not so harsh, people tend to look best under big soft lights. Also her eyes don’t look very alive. A little eye-light may help them pop out a little more.
Great job overall though, esp love the hair.