Give Voronoi texture colors


I am a Blender and Cycles newbie and I am trying to create a uniform camouflage pattern like the one used by the Swedish armed forces (search M90 on Google). I can create the pattern by using the Voronoi Texture node but the colors a the default.
Is there any way that I can tell the Voronoi node what colors to use? I have tried the RGB Curves in many different ways without result.

/ nankar

You could connect the voronoi texture to a colour ramp node and set a series of colours

You could also look at some of the camouflage materials as blendswap[blend_license]=&s[blender_version]=0

There are several ways. One way, as Richard points out, is the color ramp. You could also use a color mix node, though that will allow you to change between only 2 different colors, while the other option gives you a “gradient” to work with. Still another way would be to use the factor output of the voronoi texture and plug that into the second color swatch of a color mix node and use that as a way to get variations on a base color.

Just several ways you could do it!

Thanks a lot for these answers. I’ll try then out.