My Gizmo is (half)gone. Object mode no gizmo. Edit mode Gone. I tried everything in Viewport gizmos. But does not work. I tried another version of blender. Same response.

Select box. Does not work. That is why I didn’t a Gizmo

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Could you share a screenshot of what the “half” gone gizmo looks like?

With ‘half gone’ I ment. It sometimes shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. When I avoid Select Box. it seems to work fine. But now I have problems with right-mouse button in Object mode. Just no response. When I for example want so Shade smooth an object.

Is there a setting in system preference that I can check ?

option-leftclick for loop select : Does not work either

Hey everybody!
I have one bug in my Blender 2.8. When I use Gizmo on the screen appearing strange lights. Do you know what the problem?
Thank you.

hey, did you find solution to this? i’m facing the same issue

On Blender 3.0 ? Sorry no