This is my last work in progres.
The Gladiator.

Upload a catchs.

Really nice. I will watch this.

Thanks minoribus!!:smiley:
Now look at some rigging and skinning.

Looks great. I love the detailed motives on the belt. Looking forward to seeing him skinned.

looking pretty damn amazing.

Wow… looks really nice. Are the elements on the belt and helmet displacement maps or is that high-poly geometry?

Great work so far! Nice Anatomy modeling! Do those strange topology loops on his ribcage give you problem during deformations or are they ok?

tanks Guys!!!

Safetyman: This work was created, only modeling high poly geometry… for now. :wink:
sorry for my inglish :o

UP images!

The topology loops on ribcage are now problem for my.
On the contrary, they are helpful for a credible deformation.

up! texturing 100% finished.
Materials in process!!

Video demo

ADD 12 layers for hair on body.

I know he’s a black guy, but could you increase the exposure on the renders a bit? Really hard to see here :slight_smile:

From what I can tell, it looks really great so far

Maybe using a brighter background could also help without changing skin color. Proper lighting will also hel to improve.