Gladiator is a personal project.
My own design

I did in blender blocking , retopo , rig, and render, Zbrush to Sculpt and Substance Painter to Texture.

I hope you like it.

You can see more at my artstation page

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i used the Skin Shader from ZenShaders


more Gladiator


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Excellent work. You are a great artist.

Thanks you very much @testinar


Very nice character! This post should be on the top! Great job!!

detective babylegs
nice job

Thank you very Much @Ramister!!

Thank you very much @BD3D!!

You’re #featured! :+1:

Good lighting, good modeling and materials. Excellent work!
According to your nice poses, I suppose that it is rigged. What method did you use for bandages, stripes, belts, etc.? Are you using Surface Deform modifier?

Very nice work! Did you based it on Gustavo Rosa’s course?

Thank you very much @bartv!!

Thank you very much @YAFU,!!

i used blenrig addon and for accesoies i used surface deform if is very close to surface like bandages,
for belts i used hooks to move some part of the belts with an empty object., and this empty was son of a little triangle that have surface deform to the body. so , the empty object follow the body deformations and i can adjust bad deformations with the empty object.


Than you very much @leoleo.s!!
Sorry but i do not know what is that course.

Really nice work, love it! Congrats on the feature, well deserved!

Thank you very much @ECropp!!, nice to hear that

Great chacacter, love the proportions and detail you put into it!

Seriously nice work, especially with the slick clean rigging, top shelf character work!