Glass and alpha with python for walkthough

Hi, need help:

I do on my term work universal walkthrough engine, where you can load any model (only in .3ds now), specify what are doors, where you stay and so on… Want to do doors like smoothly insible when you get near of them. But there is a problem.

Because it have to be idiot-like :slight_smile: it should work without user work (all in python and so). I need help, how can I “switch” buttons Alpha, OBcolor, Collision and Draw FaceMode in python (they are accessible after get in UV Face mode in Editing section (F9)). Because it will really helps me and resize functionality of this project :slight_smile:

And have some other questions:

  1. If I calculate radiosity from more objects and some have the same materials, it puts these materials more times in finally mesh and some not at all…so, is there way, how can I change this behavior and put each material only one-time?
  2. Can I save some variables readed from some config file save in Blender for using with GameEngine (run in blenderplayer or dynamic engine too!!)? I really need it
  3. I have some script in texts, which is needed from some script used in GameEngine. If I run GE in Blender, it works fine. But I run it from blenderplayer or dynamic runtime, it says lot of errors :frowning: Is there any way, how can I use scripts from Blender, which are not included in controllers?

If you want, I can put this work here, but now is it really messy and comments are in Czech :wink:

PS: Do you know some other walkthrough templates? I like try them :slight_smile:

This belong in the game engine section. You’ll have more chance of getting answers there.

NMFaceType.transp [alpha, add, opaque]

also NMFaceType.mode [tex, obcolor, stuff…]

join the objects first, before calculating radiosity

except for the web plugin you can deal with files just like any other python app

you cannot use the blender module in the standalone player, get used to it [please]

mine locks the cursor in place…

Yes, thanx, I found it yet.

How have you thought that? I select all necessary meshes and then call Blender.Radiosity.Go() and Blender.Radiosity.ReplaceMeshes(). Please explain this.

Same as above…please explain. I need such as that: Read all in script, make some things and need to save some variables save in .blend file, as I can use them in blenderplayer, dynamic runtime and so on after exiting and rerunning too.

Heh…I don’t use Blender module in GameEngine or player. I use only f.e., which is included in .blend file. But if I include in next included script, it says errors in standalone player. Why? The script is there…WTF?!

Yes, I like it…but for my purposes it is so difficult…

And I have new problems. Want do “open doors” like that I assign them near sensor, which reacts on viewer that invisibles door by ipo. And so…

  • I need add sensor, controller and actuator by the python script, no user work. Is it possible?

  • Is it possible reacts on that user is “in some object” (e.g. go into room and it is recognized - I press some button and it e.g. print room name)

  • How can I do, that after I press some button in some room (previous problem), it opens web browser with address assigned to this room?

Once more thanx