Glass Ball Breaking on Ground?

I’m a relatively advanced Blender user, and I’ve been trying to get an animation working of a glass ball shattering on a cement floor. I have 2.49, and I used the explode modifier and a particle system to simulate chunks of glass flying everywhere. The problem is, when I bake it the particles emit from the top of the ball even before they hit the ground, which is unrealistic. Is there some way I can use a boolean modifier to limit particle emissions to only the place where the floor and ball intersect?? Thanks!

you might could try kai’s blender-here

Hmm, I don’t know if that really has a lot of promise for this specific problem. It seems to be focused more on subsurfing and OSA. Plus, I’m kind of dubious about installing a modified version of Blender…

nope, not a big deal. it has a demolition modifier, which is for breaking things.
and to run it, you just download it, unzip it, and run the blender.exe file in the folder
easy as cake
or you could hunt down a python fracture script
or, if you know python, you could write a voronoi fracture script, which would be very useful to the blender community

I assume you have considered weight painting the sphere so the top is “protected” somewhat?

Quick test, weight of 1 on top of sphere, could be refined by subdividing fractal then using “to sphere” for more interesting shaped glass bits, then painting a variety of weights. Also try separating a couple of large chunks right at impact to bounce off in different directions for even more realism.

Thanks for all the replies guys. A lot of good food for thought. I’m experimenting with weight painting stuff yes, and having a bit more success. Thanks!