Glass Chess Set

This initially started as a test with yafray’s caustics, and eventually developed into an entire scene. I increased the brightness of the solid glass peices in The Gimp, so they may not look quite right, but it took too long to render to try it again. I’d appreciate any suggestions, and if there are enough things to fix, I’ll do another render.
(Click on the picture for a larger version)


nice job. i dont know but it looks a little too blury IMO good job overall

yeah, the DoF is a little exaggerated. That much blur only looks good on extreme close-ups. Also, a caustic yafray render would make it look v. cool.

I would recommend trying caustics on the pieces, since you rendered using Yafray I can’t see why you shouldn’t see past that feature.

It looks odd that the objects to the bottom right are quite blurry but the cup on the left looks quite clear despite the fact they seem to be similar distances from the camera.

I would suggest just blurring the background and have no foreground blur. After all, blurring is supposed to hide unimportant stuff from your eye so it’s not really necessary on the chess pieces in front.

Looks nice though, I think you did a pretty good job.

Pretty good. I think it could be a little bit brighter.